The start of High Route Bepi Zac


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High Route Bepi Zac    Degree of difficulty: EE Drop: m. 231

    Equipped with fixed ropes and wooden steps it covers the old Austrian communication trenches of the First World War. The first stretch, that arrives at Sforcela Uomo in about 5 hours through Creste di Costabella and Sforcela Ciadin, offers hints of interesting landscapes (a 360° panorama of the Dolomites of Fassa Valley: Latemar, Catinaccio, Sasso Piatto, Marmolada and Monzoni ) and historical interest (along the route, that winds partially in tunnels, one meets the ruins of war, works like entrenchments, barracks, stairs and wooden footbridges). Shortly after Cima Campagnaccia a path allows those who wish to shorten the trip, to descend to Passo S. Pellegrino. The second stretch, that leads to Cima Uomo, should be undertaken only by expert mountain climbers

High Route Bruno Federspiel    Degree of difficulty EE Experienced hikers Drop: m. 890

    In an open and panoramic environment, the High Route Bruno Federspiel (n. 616) follows the crest between Val di San Pellegrino and Val Monzoni. Quickly reaching Punta delle Selle (m. 2,593), the path continues more and more exposed between rocks and grass, and leads in about 40 ' to the summit of Punta d'Allochèt (2,582 m), beyond which Austrian barracks still dominate, and in a while it reaches the beginning of the Monzoni peak. Some smooth stretches are equipped with fixed ropes. Crossing a grassy saddleback at the foot of Spiz de Tariciogn (m. 2,647), and following the trail marks, after a steep slope the path reaches the wide saddleback of Forcella Ricoletta (m. 2,431). From here it is possible to descend in 2 h to Fango, Val di San Pellegrino, or to continue to Cima Malinverno (m. 2,630) then, descending, to reach Forcella Vallaccia (mining zone) and from there the Refuge Vallaccia (m. 2,275) from where Val Monzoni can be reached through the pastures of Gardeccia.

Equipped path Gino Badia    Degree of difficulty EE Drop: m. 760

Leaving Passo delle Selle, the Path Gino Badia (N. 640) allows us to reach the green Val S. Nicolò, crossing the wonderful basin of Lagusèl, a small lake with a characteristic green-blue hue, half-hidden in a small valley encircled by stone pines and alders. The first part, that reaches Forcella del Piéf (m. 2,186), between Sass da Pief and Monte Palón, requires climbing a short stretch equipped with fixed ropes, leading along a steep rocky slope. After passing the basin of Lagusèl, the path leads in about 45 ', through the forest on the SW side of Monte Pecòl, to Mezzaselva in Val S. Nicolò.