opportunities for…

those who are fond of mountain
flora and fauna

   It's very easy to see and photograph high mountain plants and animals here: rock-goats, chamois, marmots, alpine choughs (always in search of breadcrumbs left from the visitors); lucky people could admire ermines or (the luckiest) the flight of the Golden Eagle…
A lot of edelweiss, rhododendrons, nigritellas, gentians can be admired along the paths.

those who are interested in stars and planets

   Given the total absence of light pollution, Passo delle Selle can be considered the ideal place for astronomical observations: in the clearest nights the sky shows its infinite stars and its infinite mysteries.

students and people concerned with mineralogy

    In a geologic perspective, the chain of Monzoni, that forms a wide arc between Passo delle Selle in the east and forcella della Costella in the west, is a part of a single intrusive block connected with the volcanic center of Predazzo.
   The peculiarity of the geologic phenomena and above all the unusual wealth of minerals and crystals, in particular monzonite, pyrite, fassaite, andradite that can be found here has made this area one of most desired destinations by students and people interested in mineralogy from all over the world.